AIDP is aimed at addressing three main constraints to agriculture growth:
i) outdated technologies;
ii) lack of public investment in basic infrastructure and
iii) limited crop diversification. With the help of Integrated Value Chain (IVC) approach, the program targets improving physical and institutional linkages along agricultural value chains through creation of agribusiness infrastructure; provision of support infrastructure like last mile roads, power, water, systems relating to market intelligence, and capacity building and strengthening/establishing value chain linkages.



  The Agribusiness Infrastructure Development Investment Program (AIDIP) is a Project of Government of Maharashtra (GoM), proposed to be implemented under Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) framework. GoM has availed a loan amounting $85 million from Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Department of Cooperation, Marketing and Textiles, Government of Maharashtra, is the Executing Agency (EA) for the project and Maharashtra State Agricultural Marketing Board (MSAMB) is Implementing Agency (IA).

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